Clean Water For All

Clean Water For All

Clean Water For All

Water is a basic necessity yet one in three people on the planet do not have access to clean water making them vulnerable to diseases. In most cases, those who cannot afford water, cannot afford health care too.

"The best charity is in the form of giving water" - Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - [Ahmad].

Providing clean safe water lifts entire communities out of hardship.

When a family has access to clean water, it changes everything. Women who had to spend their days walking miles now have the time to earn an income or plant vegetables to feed their families. The children who accompanied them can now attend school. The health of every family in the community is improved, and they no longer have to worry about thirst, waterborne disease, or their crops or livestock dying.

Donate, and you’ll support us in empowering and transforming communities.

At Human Appeal we’ve been running water projects for 29 years. That means that we have an incredible amount of expertise, experience, and dedication under our belt. We know what type of water project is needed for the local environment.

When you help us to install clean water solutions, you don’t just save lives, you create local jobs, improve health, and empower communities.

You can help us provide clean water to disadvantaged communities around the world for years to come.

Provide what the Prophet (PBUH) called the best of charities, transform communities, and reap the blessings of providing sustainable clean water.

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