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Honey Bee Farm

Honey Bee Farm

Honey Bee Farm

Gift honey bees, change a life

"The believer is like a bee which eats that which is pure and wholesome and lays that which is pure and wholesome. When it lands on something, it doesn’t break or ruin it." (Ahmad)

Spread compassion this Ramadan. As Muslims, we’re instructed to tread gently on the Earth and to leave behind a pure legacy. Help vulnerable people to make a living in this month of multiplied blessings, and reap the endless rewards of this beautiful ongoing charity.

€430 – Provide a honey bee farm, reaping the blessings of this Sadaqah Jariyah.

Provide a person struggling to make a living with a hive, bees, equipment, and ongoing training to help them start a small and sustainable business selling honey, enabling them to support their families for years to come. Your donation can change the future this Ramadan.

Bringing life, livelihoods, and sweet blessings

Change starts here. With your help, we want to transform the lives of vulnerable families in District Bagh, Pakistan-administered Kashmir, where the unemployment rate is almost double that of Pakistan.

District Bagh is filled with forests, animals, agricultural land, flowers and herbs, making it ideal for bees and honey production. But most beekeepers in the area haven’t had formal training and produce very low yield.

It’s an opportunity for vulnerable people to lift themselves out of poverty and a chance for you to give while reaping the blessings of providing a sustainable livelihood for many years to come.

One small project, one mighty impact

When you give €430, you’ll be directly responsible for helping a vulnerable person to lift themselves – and their families - out of poverty. You’ll reap the multiplied reward of Ramadan, and every pot of honey that is produced will be your blessed legacy.

Your donation will provide a vulnerable person with four hives, safe equipment, training, and ongoing technical support to start a bee farm. We’ll help them to get exposure, hold exhibitions and help them market their honey.

We’re very careful when selecting who will benefit, making sure that at least 30% will be female breadwinners or widows, 5% will be people with disabilities, 5% will be older people, and 25% will be students, who we’ll encourage to conduct research into beekeeping in the local region.

Our honey bee project has been transforming lives for 7 years. It’s a truly sustainable way to support families - of the 350 bee farmers we’ve trained, 90 percent have expanded to open more hives. In four years, our farmers have sold an estimated €1 million - worth of honey.

Reap the multiplied blessings of this project this Ramadan. Give, change lives, and transform your own hereafter, inshaAllah.

Change starts here