Yemen Crisis Appeal

Yemen Crisis Appeal

Yemen Crisis Appeal

*Reverse the catastrophe *

Do they not see that they are tried every year once or twice but then they do not repent nor do they remember? (Quran, 9:126)

€85 – Provide a Yemeni family facing malnutrition with a nutritious food parcel to last one month.

€55 – Help contribute towards providing a vulnerable Yemeni with cataract surgery to prevent and reverse blindness (1 of 10 shares).

€700 - Help contribute towards providing an entire family whose home was destroyed with a safe brick shelter with rooms, windows and a door (1 of 10 shares).

Almost seven years ago, conflict broke out in Yemen. Families enduring violence must have thought that life could not get harder, but each year the crisis has deepened, and, today, they face starvation, cholera, dirty water, and COVID-19, all while the conflict continues.

Seven years on, malnutrition is higher than ever, food prices have doubled - 66% of Yemenis have to skip meals to survive and 70% of families don’t have clean water.

Each day brings more hardship for more families. 400,000 children are at risk of starving to death in 2021. This cannot go on.

Do your part to ease their hardship

Help us to reverse hunger, provide clean water, support education, build homes, and slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re working to address the most urgent crises across all sectors in a complete and decisive attempt to help reverse this catastrophe.

In Lahij, we’re repairing 2 water sources, providing a water tank, solar panel, water collection points, and reservoirs for livestock, helping 14,000 displaced people to have sustainable access to clean water.

Residents of Tihama in Hodeidah, Yemen were hit by devastating floods last summer, which killed over 130 and affected a total of 35,000 families. Donate, and help us to provide 20 families with a safe brick shelter, providing safety, dignity and security.

We’re working across 5 clinics in Taiz, providing essential medical care to 4,400 people, as well as chemotherapy and cancer support for 600 children in a clinic in Sana’a.

In Taiz, we’re also distributing bread to 350 families for 2 months, providing them with two deliveries a week. We’re also renovating the 6th October School in Taiz, repairing 3 classrooms, installing 2 bathrooms, and providing 100 tables and chairs, helping 650 students – including 280 girls – to continue their education in safety.

We’re also working in Taiz to provide cataract surgery to 300 of the most vulnerable people, reversing and preventing curable blindness.

Transform lives

Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophe that would destroy entire communities. We cannot allow our inaction to cost families precious lives.

Please join us in saving Yemen from this crisis. Your donation could ensure a family has enough to eat for an entire month, can rebuild their lives after a flood, or can receive recover from malnutrition.

Our work so far

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Yemen since 2014. We’ve helped over 900,000 people during the course of the conflict, primarily through health projects and emergency food aid to tackle malnutrition. Last year, you helped us to support 429,137 people through projects combating malnutrition, cholera, COVID-19 and water shortages.

Your donation can, truly, save a life. We must prevent a catastrophe while there is still time.