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Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Help us respond

Our Emergency Fund is critically low

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Tirmidhi)

Our Emergency Fund urgently needs funds to save lives.

At any given time, Human Appeal is responding to 5 emergencies around the world. We don’t just respond to the headline-hitting crises; our local teams support communities each time they’re hit by hunger, drought, flooding, displacement, and other localized emergencies. This is the life-saving work of our Emergency Fund.

€120 – be a lifeline to a family in crisis. Provide a vulnerable family with food for a month, clean water, and medical aid. Your donation can transform the recovery of a family that has lost their home and livelihood.

€80 - keep a family of five fed and nourished for an entire month with a wholesome and nutritious food parcel.

€45/month helps us be ready to respond rapidly, wherever and whenever disaster strikes, helping families to survive.

When a disaster strikes, our Emergency Fund allows us to respond within 72 hours, dispatching the aid and experts that the most vulnerable need. Arriving on the scene in these first hours is critical to controlling the scale of an emergency, and to helping to get families to safety.

Please donate to this vital lifeline in the holy month, and help us to respond to emergencies within 72 hours, helping communities to survive, recover, and rebuild. Change starts here.

What’s different about this fund?

Each week, communities across the world face a new crisis to deal with. Most don’t make the headlines. In 2020 alone, our Emergency Fund has saved lives by responding to cholera, malnutrition, and COVID-19 in Yemen, the port explosion in Lebanon, floods in Sudan, and an earthquake in Turkey.

How our Emergency Fund has saved lives

Sadly, many communities are already dealing with major crises when they are hit by another.

Families already struggling with displacement in Syria, now watch their children starve. COVID-19 has plunged 700,000 more children into malnutrition. How our Emergency Fund helped: We’re treating malnutrition, providing nutritious food parcels, and COVID-19 health kits, as well as our other Syria Appeal activities.

In Yemen, communities that are starving are hit by flash floods. How our Emergency Fund helped: We’re providing shelter, hygiene kits, and clean water, in addition to our other Yemen Appeal activities.

In Lebanon, when people were still reeling with trauma, homelessness, and hunger after the Beirut blast, they still had find a way to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19. How our Emergency Fund helped: We responded immediately to the explosion, providing food and water in the immediate aftermath, and then providing COVID-19 hygiene kits.

We have 30 years of experience in responding to emergencies all over the globe.

To be there, whenever and wherever a disaster strikes, we urgently need more donations to our Emergency Fund this Ramadan. In every emergency, it’s always the most vulnerable – children, older people, those already struggling for food – who suffer the most.

The world is facing a scale of crisis that we’ve never seen before. Change starts here. Please donate to our Emergency Fund this Ramadan and help us to act swiftly to save lives in emergencies.