Afghanistan Emergency Fund

Afghanistan Emergency Fund

Deadly earthquake hits Afghanistan

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement.” (Tirmidhi)

€60 Help contribute towards providing survivors with food, water, and basic medical care.

€120 Emergency kit - provide survivors with food, water, and basic medical care.

€200 Help contribute towards providing survivors with food, water, and basic medical care.

Afghanistan’s deadly 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck early on Wednesday about 44 km (27 miles) from the city of Khost, close to the border of Pakistan.

The earthquake was a depth of 51km (31.6 miles) with tremors felt as far away as Pakistan and India. At least 1,000 people have been killed, including children, and more than 1,500 have been injured. Dozens of people remain trapped beneath the rubble and the death toll is expected to rise.

People have lost their entire families in the disaster and their homes have been reduced to rubble. Already poor road networks and mobile phone towers have also been devastated, while bad weather is making rescue efforts even more challenging.

Afghanistan is already in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis, with 93 percent of households food insecure and over a third of the population unable to meet their basic needs. Economic collapse and climate-related drought means one in three people are hungry and 2 million children are malnourished. Thousands of people have been displaced due to conflict, while the country is also struggling with Covid-19 and a health care system on the brink of collapse.

How you can help the people of Afghanistan

Human Appeal is on the ground with our partners already responding to the crisis with the support of our Emergency Fund, which allows us to provide aid to extreme disasters without waiting for donations to arrive, but we cannot save lives without you.

Just one donation of €120 today could be the difference between life and death, providing a vulnerable family with food, water, and urgent basic medical. Please help us support the people of Afghanistan by helping us deliver life-saving humanitarian aid today.

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