Yemen in Crisis

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War, cholera, hunger and coronavirus. The situation in Yemen could not be more critical. The world’s worst humanitarian crisis deepens and now vital funding has been cut, and Yemen is on the verge of extinction. The world has given up on Yemen. Please don’t do the same.

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The world has given up on Yemen

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection” (Muslim)

€120 – Treat 35 people for malnutrition or cholera.

€95 – Provide a COVID-19 hygiene and protection pack to last a family-of-seven for one month.

€90 – Provide family-of-seven facing malnutrition with a nutritious food parcel to last one month.

€80 - Provide 25 people at risk of dehydration, disease, and starvation, with fresh, clean drinking water.

In Yemen, starvation and cholera aren’t unavoidable tragedies, they are man-made, preventable crises, and it’s the responsibility of all of us to work to cure them.

After 6 long years of brutal conflict, during which families endured famine, cholera, and war, are now facing the extreme hardship of COVID-19. The UN has declared that malnutrition has never been worse in Yemen, and the pandemic has put the food supply under even greater strain.

Millions of Yemenis don’t have enough food, and without support, they may starve to death.

And now, the UN and UK have slashed their aid funding spelling devastation for the 20 million Yemenis who depend on humanitarian support just to survive. Your support has never been more urgently needed to preserve so many lives in Yemen.

The UN has warned that 400,000 children will die of starvation in Yemen this year. The country is losing an entire generation and we need to do something.

When you’re starving, your body begins to devour its own muscles, including the heart, before it simply cannot fight any longer. You’re much more likely to catch and die from one of the many diseases plaguing communities – such as dengue fever, Chikungunya fever, cholera, or COVID-19.

Cholera has been plaguing Yemen for seven years, with an estimated 2 million cases overall. Taiz, where we’re delivering some of our key projects, is considered extremely vulnerable to cholera, because of a shortage of drinking water for an estimated 98% of people.

Your donation today could ensure a family survives the next month, recovers from COVID-19, and is treated for cholera.

Help save lives now

Human Appeal is running five projects across Yemen to help the most vulnerable families to survive these critical months.

You can help us to provide:

Nutritious month-long food parcels to 14,350 people affected by floods in Hajjah and Taiz.

Training to 20 healthcare workers on cholera awareness. Hygiene promotion to 33,600 people in Taiz.

COVID-19 kits to 7,700 people.

Medical supplies, PPE to 2 hospitals for 10 weeks. Training to 20 health workers.

Clean water to 52,000 people for 3 months.

Hygiene kits to 5,600 people in Taiz.

Building 17 durable homes for families made homeless by flooding in Hudaydah.

In 2020, you helped us to support 429,137 Yemenis through our projects responding to malnutrition, cholera, displacement, and COVID-19, as well as through development projects to increase resilience.

The time is now

Yemen is on the brink of a famine, which would decimate the entire country. More people will die. We cannot allow our inaction to cost families precious lives.

Please join us in saving Yemen from the verge of extinction.

Your donation can, truly, save a life. It is during these dark and difficult times that our actions will make a big difference, it is a matter of life and death. One donation, truly, can save lives.

When the day comes that we will be asked about what we did to stop Yemen from being wiped out, what will we say?

Help us stop another mother from losing her child and another family from painfully saying goodbye to a loved one.

Please donate today.

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Why give through Human Appeal?

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Yemen since 2014, and we have maintained a country office in the capital of Sana’a since 2016. The breakout of the civil war in 2015 brought home the need for us to expand our operations and we have helped over 900,000 people during the course of the conflict, primarily through health projects and emergency food aid to tackle malnutrition.

As a sign of how the need has grown since the start of the conflict, in the last quarter of 2019 more than half of the people we supported worldwide were in Yemen.

Human Appeal’s work in Yemen

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014. Since the outbreak of the conflict, your donations have provided food, healthcare, and medical supplies to over 900,000 of the most vulnerable Yemenis.

  • Provided food for almost 4,500 displaced people, safe drinking water for 7,500 people, and medical protection for 100,000 families against dengue fever.
  • We delivered emergency food parcels as well as seasonal food distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani festivals to 71,080 people.
  • Supported 45,900 people during the height of the cholera epidemic.
  • Provided oral rehydration solutions, antibiotics, syringes, gloves, and gowns to Al-Hudaydah and Dhale allowing them to treat 24,800 people.
  • Provided a cholera centre with essential supplies including 100 beds and mattresses, serving 18,000 people in one year.
  • Provided emergency medicine, hygiene, and nutritional supplies to AlJomhouri Hospital in Sa’dah.

  • Supplied Al-Sabeen Maternal Hospital in Sana’a with ten incubators for premature babies, which helped 700 infants in 2017.
  • Supported 600 children in an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen in partnership with other agencies, providing students with uniforms, books, and other study materials.
  • We partnered with UNOCHA to support 15 health facilities and treated 69,000 vulnerable Yemenis suffering from acute malnutrition in Al Dhale’e and Taiz governorates. We also funded 3 mobile medical teams to make sure we reached people in rural areas.
  • Provided 1,470 people who were recently displaced from their homes with emergency food assistance.
  • We supported 16 health facilities and hospitals in providing surgery, curative care, and nutrition assistance, giving over 440,000 people access to emergency health services.

24 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Join us in continuing to provide vital aid in this deepening crisis.

Yemen can't wait. Please donate now and help us save lives.

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