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Yemeni children in hospital

What happens when a country is at war, facing famine, fighting a cholera epidemic and now a covid-19 pandemic? An entire generation of Yemen could be wiped out.

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Yemen is counting on us

What happens when a country is at war, facing famine, fighting a cholera epidemic and now a covid-19 pandemic?

80% of Yemenis depend on humanitarian aid. Their only hope is what you can give.

Almost 6 years of war have created the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country.

The World Food Programme (WFP) says 'despite ongoing humanitarian assistance, 15.9 million people wake up hungry every day'. Over 300,000 children have already died from acute malnutrition. Imagine watching your children wither away from hunger and not knowing when their next meal will be.

What can you do to help?

More than 24 million people in Yemen are dependant on humanitarian aid. They are counting on our kindness and generosity. They need us. Without our intervention the country will loose an entire generation. Sadly, this is the reality of Yemen.

We need to provide food, safe drinking water, healthcare and medical supplies. Our Human Appeal family is working endlessly to save lives in Yemen. We have maintained a country office since 2014. We are present and with your help so far we have changed over 900,000 lives by providing food, safe water, better healthcare and medical supplies to hospitals.

Our work is not done. We need to reach the over 24 million people counting on us. The vulnerable people who need us. Without your support, we cannot save lives.

The people of Yemen have endured a war, faced famine, gone hungry to the brink of starvation, lost lives to a cholera outbreak and malnutrition. Now, they join the world in fighting Covid-19. But unlike most countries, the people are weak and hungry, their fragile health care system cannot handle a pandemic and UN funds have been cut.

However little, your donation today will impact the life of a poor person in Yemen, greatly. The world has forgotten the plight of these innocent people. But together, we shall not forsake them. With your help, the people of Yemen will not be erased.

Covid-19 could wipe Yemen out

Food insecurity is a major issue in Yemen today but that's not all. The country is also fighting a Cholera outbreak, which led to the worst public health crisis. They have been facing a famine too. Covid-19 could not have come at a worse time!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that over 50% of people in Yemen will be infected by the coronavirus. Covid-19 is killing 1/5th of all victims.

The depleted health facilities cannot handle the Covid-19 outbreak. People are dying at home and those who have access to hospitals can barely get treated. The hospitals do not have ventilators, tests and protective gear.

Millions of Yemenis lost their homes to the conflict. They are now settled in crowded refugee camps with poor hygiene facilities, no water, no food and no electricity. A coronavirus outbreak in these camps will wipe people out. It is fatal.

How much more can these innocent people endure?

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