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Human Appeal Orphan - Sithmi Nethsara

Sithmi Nethsara

Sri Lanka

Hello, my name is Sithmi Nethsara and I am 10 years old.

School Status: In School

Favourite Subject: National Language

How child sponsorship transforms a life

Warm and clothed

Providing orphans with suitable, dignified clothing, and keeping them warm and dry throughout the year.

Well nourished

Your sponsorship helps to provide regular food to the child you sponsor, allowing them to thrive.

A roof and a home

Having the stability of a home to return to at the end of the day helps children to focus in school and provides them with the security and stability that all children need in order to flourish.

Helping children return to school

Sadly, sometimes children are forced to work in order to keep themselves and their families fed. Providing their caregiver with a regular income helps orphans to return to school, pay for their learning materials, and build a brighter future.

Support for the whole family

When a widowed mother has an income for one of her children, the whole family is supported through shelter and food, and through the easing of the financial burden on the family.

Healthcare and medical support

Providing orphans with proper health care, routine check-ups and immunisations.