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An injured child on hospital bed in Gaza

Gaza is facing a health care crisis. Airstrikes, bombings and an ongoing blockade have crippled the health care system. We are on the ground in Gaza, ensuring that your donations reach those who need it the most.

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“Whoever saves one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Qur’an, 5:32]

68% of Gazans do not have enough to eat. 54% of the population depend on humanitarian aid.

A Covid-19 outbreak would be catastrophic in this densely populated region. The first local case of the virus was recently reported pushing Gaza into lockdown.

We desperately need your help in providing urgent medical supplies, and supporting Gaza’s health workers as they struggle to continue saving lives.

A donation today will help to provide essential medicine and disposables to 14 hospitals and 54 local healthcare centres. Allowing us to directly save and sustain the lives of 120,000 people.

Gaza's health care centres are on the brink of collapse. After weeks of airstrikes and bombings, the hospitals are overwhelmed and running out of medical supplies. 20 hour power cuts make it impossible to work.

The area is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. It hosts about 2.1 million inhabitants, about 5000 Gazans per square meter. The ongoing blockade and recent attacks have made life unbearable in Gaza.

A deadly water crisis

Did you know that the single biggest killer of children in Gaza is drinking contaminated water?

97% of the water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption. That means the entire population of just over 2 million people are at risk of dehydration and waterborne diseases like fatal diarrhoea. The contaminated water is also causing kidney failure, mostly in children.

A crippled health care system means those affected have little access or cannot afford dialysis and other treatments.

Clean safe water for Gaza

Human Appeal is currently the only organisation working on chlorinating the water network in the Gaza strip. Since April, we partnered with UNOCHA to disenfect the whole water network and supply system.

By September 2020, Gaza's water wells will run out of chlorine disinfection solution, leaving people at a great risk of contamination and contracting waterborne diseases.

Gaza’s water authority is under pressure and urgently requesting help in providing clean safe water for the entire population.

We need your help to chlorinate 284 water wells, 55 water reservoirs, 26 water lifting and booster stations, over 2,987km of water networks and carrier lines and 48 water desalination plants, benefiting 2.1 million people – the entire population of Gaza.

Please donate to our Gaza Crisis Appeal today and help us to continue to rebuild and empower Gaza.

For €100 you can provide a first aid kit to families in high-risk regions, more than 15 items to treat burns, fractures, wounds and bleeding. Each family will also receive training to help them make the best use of the kit.

For €130 you can provide an emergency medical kit including hospital bed, surgical equipment and the essentials needed to save lives.

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Why give through Human Appeal?

Human Appeal has been working in Gaza for 29 years, providing food, water, medical care, and livelihood training. Our staff are natives and they understand the needs of the local people. Our experience in emergency response and excellent knowledge of protocols and suppliers ensure that we can get the best quality supplies at the most affordable prices. We know how to make your donation go a long way.

When you donate to Palestine with Human Appeal, you’re empowering local, skilled staff and suppliers to support the most vulnerable in the community.

Our work so far

Our supporters continue to help 4,738 orphaned children in the West Bank and Gaza. Between 2018 and 2019, your donations provided food to 200,000 Palestinians. This year, we delivered urgent medicines to 11,000 patients. We provided spare parts to operating theatres and intensive care units benefiting 100,000 people.

In 2018, we installed a desalination unit in Al Aqsa University, providing clean safe water to 15,300 students, staff and visitors each day. We’ve also installed a desalination unit in Rafah, serving 60,000 people, and we’re constructing a sewage network in middle Gaza.

We also supported 3,200 people to seek treatment for eye conditions through our optic centre in 2019.

Donate today to save lives in Gaza

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