Yemen Winter Family Emergency Kit

Yemen Winter Family Emergency Kit

Yemen Winter Emergency Fund

“Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity till your last breath.” -Muhammad, upon him be peace. (Source - Bukhari and Muslim).

Remember Yemen this winter

€210 Yemen Family Winter Emergency Kit will provide a family with warm clothing, blankets and mattresses for infants, children, and adults to keep them warm all winter, as well as heating supplies, including a cooking stove and gas cylinder that lasts for a month.

Yemen risks descending even deeper into crisis this winter as the country hurtles towards the worst famine the planet has seen in decades.

The devastating ongoing armed conflict, skyrocketing a inflation, and the effects of climate change mean vulnerable families are increasingly unable to cope. 20.7 million people – that’s two out of every three Yemenis - need some form of humanitarian aid and 12.1 million people are in acute need, with cases of acute malnutrition among children under five the highest ever recorded. In displacement camps, as temperatures drop, Yemenis already struggling to survive in deplorable conditions face freezing temperatures and frequent torrential rainfall with no way of protecting themselves from cold, hunger, and life-threatening malnutrition and disease.

In response, we are providing thousands of people struggling to survive in north and south Yemen displacement camps with Winter Emergency Kits. By donating to this appeal, you can provide a family with 5 thermal blankets, adult and children’s warm fleece pyjamas, hats, sweaters, scarves, gloves and socks, and adult shawls and jackets, as well as infant blankets, hats, pyjamas, and socks.

These lifesaving kits also heating supplies, including a cooking stove and gas cylinder that lasts for a month.

By supporting our Yemen Winter Family Emergency Appeal, you can help ensure no one is left behind this winter.

Why give with Human Appeal

Last year in Yemen, the arrival of winter brought another wave of COVID-19. Of the country’s 4 million people displaced from their homes, it was children who were most at risk, and not just from the virus. By day they struggled for food, by night they endured temperatures that regularly dipped below zero with nothing but tents to shelter them from the elements.

Thanks to donors like you, we supported thousands of vulnerable families, including those with chronic illness and disabilities. Winter kits containing two children’s blankets, seven infant blankets, six children’s mattresses, one adult blanket and five adult mattresses were given to 350 families. We also provided essential winter kits to 2,324 blind people. Thank you for remembering the people of Yemen last winter.

Please help us reach more vulnerable people this year too.

Winter kills.

Donate now.