Yemen Winter Emergency Fund

Yemen Winter Emergency Fund

Yemen Winter Emergency Fund

Families are one step away from famine this winter

Whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him in this life and the Hereafter. Allah is in aid of the servant so long as the servant is in aid of his brother.” (Sahih Muslim)

€300 Winter Family Emergency Kit will provide a family with a Winter Emergency Kit that contains warm clothing, blankets and mattresses for infants, children, and adults to keep them warm all winter.

Even greater need than last year

20 million Yemenis need help securing food and 400,000 children under five are acutely malnourished. Hundreds of thousands more face the constant threat of malnourishment, which they will face if their food is disrupted for just a few days.

Humanitarian needs in Yemen have increased by 27 percent since just last year. Displaced families are being forgotten and, as winter arrives, they are living in temporary shelters will be exposed to frost, sub-zero temperatures, and unpredictable torrents of heavy rain.

The cost of basic items is unaffordable, and the price of food has risen 150% since before the conflict.

Remember the forgotten

This winter, give €300 and provide a displaced Yemeni family with four thick winter blankets, five mattresses, and a winter wardrobe. Each child and parent will receive socks and thick pyjamas. All children will also receive a winter hat, while parents will receive a scarf or shawl.

These items will provide the family with warmth, protecting them from the risks of winter weather. During our first round of distribution, we want to support 847 people from 121 families

We’ll be observing the latest COVID-19 guidelines throughout this project, including handwashing and PPE, and we’ll stagger our distributions, loading procedures, and change our packaging all to avoid spreading the virus.

Last winter in Yemen, you provided 414 families with 4 thermal blankets and 4 mattresses, as well as a winter outfit for every family member.

This year, families are even more vulnerable and dependent on help. Please donate.

Let’s leave no one behind.