Winter Emergency Fund

Winter Emergency Fund

Winter Emergency Fund

“Allah, the Exalted, says, ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’” – Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace (Source - Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Provide winter warmth and nourishment now

**€60 Winter Family Emergency Kit - will protect a Syrian family from the cold this winter by providing them with heating, blankets, mattresses, and waterproof sheeting to last them through the bitter season.

€90 Winter Family Emergency Kit - will provide a Pakistani family with warm winter clothing to protect them from the bitter weather.

€120 Winter Family Emergency Kit - Will keep a Palestinian family warm and protect precious lives with a Winter Emergency Kit that includes warm clothing, a heater and fuel, and nourishing food.

This winter, over 100 million people are forcibly displaced due to conflict and climate change.

After enduring the horrors of conflict, climate-related disasters, displacement, extreme poverty, abuse and marginalization, vulnerable families now face winter. Soaring inflation means families will find it even more of a struggle to access food and protection against freezing temperatures, rain, and snow. Without adequate warmth and nutrition, fighting illnesses, like influenza and Covid-19 will be impossible and small children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled are at extreme risk.

Why give with Human Appeal

Last year, as the cost of living, rose sharply, and COVID-19 continued to spread, we were able to bring warmth to 234,420 people, including 122,304 children, thanks to your support.

From Bangladesh to Somalia and Syria to Yemen, we delivered 22,917 coats and 12,554 winter kits containing warm clothing and blankets to 11 countries worldwide. Thank you for helping us leave no one behind.

Help us reach more vulnerable people this year too.

Winter kills.

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