Syria Winter Family Emergency Kit

Syria Winter Family Emergency Kit

Syria Winter Emergency Fund

The Muslim holy book the Quran, says in Surah 5 verse 32: “If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”

Save a life now

€60 Syria Family Winter Emergency Kit will protect a Syrian family from the cold this winter by providing enough warmth to last them through the bitter season.

After 12 years of displacement and 12 perilous winters, internally displaced Syrians face their deadliest winter yet.

As temperatures begin to drop, survival will be even more challenging than in recent years. Freezing temperatures and extreme weather linked to the climate crisis will make the misery and suffering of families even more acute. The ongoing conflict combined with the lingering impact of the pandemic and spiralling prices means families will have no option but to choose between food and warmth. With no way to protect themselves from seasonal illnesses, which can be deadly for the most vulnerable, Syrians need our help now.

For just €60, you can protect a Syrian family from the cold this winter by providing them with waterproof shelter reinforcements, two warm blankets, two mattresses and one warm rug, as well as 150kg of fuel to keep a family warm for a whole month.

By supporting our Syria Winter Family Emergency Appeal, you can help ensure no one is left behind this winter,

Why give with Human Appeal

In many parts of Syria, last winter was one of the harshest on record, with snowstorms, flooding and sub-zero temperatures pushing displaced families ever closer to the brink. You helped us to provide 1,860 families living in Idlib with heating and fuel helping a total of 9,309 people to stay warm. We also provided 641 families with waterproof sheets to reinforce their shelters, blankets, mattress, and carpets. Our distribution prioritised the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities, widows, and orphans.

Thank you for spreading the warmth in Syria.

Together we can help more vulnerable families this year.

Winter kills.

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