Syria Winter Emergency Fund

Syria Winter Emergency Fund

Syria Winter Emergency Fund

Never look away. The final tragedy could be winter

Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter.” (Sahih Muslim)

€150 Winter Family Emergency Kit will protect a Syrian family from the cold this winter by providing enough warmth to last them through the bitter season.

In northern Syria, temperatures have begun to plummet and will drop to below freezing in during winter nights. A staggering 2.7 million people are still displaced in this region, and face a winter of bitter cold, flooding, and even snow.

A freezing winter in unprotective shelters

Winter in northwest Syria brings strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, and extreme changes in temperature. Temperatures often drop to below freezing at night, which can be fatal for vulnerable people who lack proper shelter, clothing, food, or medical care.

Last winter, Syria was hit by devastating floods that inundated camps, and tents, and cut of displaced families from essential supplies, such as clean water.

COVID-19 measures have had a devastating effect on supplies, imports, and jobs, which has driven up prices and pushed an extra 1.4 million Syrians into food insecurity. A staggering 12.4 million people are facing food shortages in Syria.

Let’s make winter warmer

Let’s leave no one behind this winter. Help us to keep forgotten Syrians warm this winter. When you donate €150, our local team will provide a heater and 175 kilograms of briquette coal to a family of five, keeping them warm for at least three weeks.

In our first phase of the project, we want to support 2,500 people from 500 families, with a focus on displaced people. We’re also aiming to support the most vulnerable families in the host community.

During our distributions, we’ll be observing the latest COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing, masks, and hand disinfection.

Last winter, we supported 12,588 people in Syria, with fuel, winter clothing, blankets, sleeping mats, rugs, soap, and waterproof sheeting.

This year, with the soaring price of basic items, and the ongoing financial hit of COVID-19, your help is urgently needed to keep families warm.

Winter kills.

Please donate, and help us to support displaced Syrian families in Idlib.