Palestine Winter Family Emergency Kit

Palestine Winter Family Emergency Kit

Palestine Winter Emergency Fund

The Prophet, upon him, be peace, said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Source - Al-Tirmidhi)

No shelter in Gaza

€140 Winter Family Emergency Kit - Help a Palestinian family to survive winter with warm clothing or x2 warm blankets and a 5kg cylinder that can provide warmth through winter.

Day after day, living conditions in Gaza deteriorate, sinking families further into the depths of poverty, and now winter is here.

The ongoing blockade; a crippled infrastructure, including a polluted water system and no access to healthcare; brutal escalations of violence; the devastating impact of Covid-19; and now sky-rocketing inflation, means families cannot access even the basics needed to survive. 80 percent of Palestinians live in extreme poverty, with 2.5 million people dependent upon humanitarian aid. Winter brings even more misery and suffering to families trapped in substandard accommodations and camps. Vulnerable to cold, rain and flooding, parents are unable to provide warmth, food or protection for their children and other vulnerable family members.

In response, we are providing 200 of the most vulnerable families – that’s 1,160 people in total, with warm winter clothing. To help keep families warm we are also providing blankets made from high-quality soft wool, as well as stainless steel gas cylinders to last all winter with 5 kg capacity and safe and protective burner plates. One cylinder can keep a family warm for 20 days even in extreme cold.

By supporting our Palestine Winter Family Emergency Appeal, you can help ensure no one is left behind this winter.

Why give to Human Appeal?

Last year, thanks to your charity, we prevented 10,220 Palestinian people from being left behind. As Covid-19 continued to create hardship for families and dangerous escalations of violence displaced thousands, winter brought further misery and suffering with heavy flooding and freezing temperatures. But thanks to your help, we provided 1,223 orphaned and vulnerable families with winter kits containing heating units, and warm clothes, including jackets, trousers, sweaters, hats, scarves, and shoes.

Your donations also meant we could also deliver winter clothes to the students of Zayd Bin Haritha Elementary school, helping 683 girls and 725 boys stay warm. Thank you for not leaving the children of Gaza behind last winter.

Winter kills.

Donate now.