Palestine Winter Emergency Fund

Palestine Winter Emergency Fund

Palestine Winter Emergency Fund

Don’t turn your back on Gaza this winter

£250 Winter Family Emergency Kit will provide an entire family with warm winter clothing and heating for two months.

Winter is brutal in Gaza. Families already face a debilitating blockade, medical shortages, daily power cuts, unemployment and undrinkable water. The most vulnerable families still haven’t recovered from the bombings in May. 50,000 homes were destroyed, and now they face a freezing winter with heavy rains and flooding.

Let’s leave no one behind

Donate to our winter appeal in Gaza and help us to provide fuel and warm winter clothing to an entire family. Help a family to stay warm this winter.

Each family will receive a voucher, which they’ll be able to exchange for clothing at a clothing shop we’re working with. Each voucher can provide four pairs of shoes, four jumpers, and four winter trousers. They’ll also receive a refillable gas heater with enough fuel to provide two months of warmth.

During our first distribution, we want to support 2,657 people from 516 families, and we’ll be observing the latest COVID-19 guidelines to keep our local staff and beneficiaries safe.

Palestinian families need our help this winter more than ever. Your donation will help a family to stay warm, protected and safe this winter. Your donation is a lifeline for a family struggling to survive with the increasing costs of food, electricity, clothing, and heating.

Last winter, you provided 640 families with over 5,000 items of warm winter clothes in Gaza. This year, help us to reach even more vulnerable families.

Winter kills.

Donate now.