Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Snowstorms have hit Lebanon

The Messenger (PBUH) stressed the importance of feeding others: “The best of you are those who feed others.” (Ahmad)

Food and fuel - €100 will provide a vulnerable family in Lebanon with life-saving food and fuel to help keep them warm and nourished all winter.

This winter, hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Lebanon are enduring freezing temperatures living in tents, basements, or garages. Without help, the most vulnerable risk catching the flu, pneumonia, and hypothermia.

Eight in every ten Syrians in Lebanon are now going hungry. Even the most basic of essentials – like food, fuel, and medicine - are now unaffordable.

And now, snow has arrived in parts of the country; help us to keep families warm this winter by providing food and fuel for heating to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon’s mountains.

10 years as refugees

In Lebanon, temperatures have plummeted drastically. For the 340,000 Syrian refugees living in the mountainous Bekaa Valley, winter brings snowstorms, sub-zero temperatures and biting icy winds. 10 years on from the start of the conflict, some families have been living in Lebanon for a decade, and the situation continues to deteriorate. Only 4% of Syrian refugees in Bekaa have secure access to regular food.

With the ongoing economic and power crisis in Lebanon, and in the aftermath of the Beirut blast, a staggering 78% of Syrian refugees are food insecure and urgently need help to access food.

Help us to support forgotten families in Bekaa Valley.

Don’t look away; Syrian families need your help to stay warm

When you give €100, you can provide a Syrian family with a nutritious food parcel to last 3 weeks. Each parcel contains over 20 kilograms of food, including sugar, rice, chickpeas, lentils, bulgur, oil, pasta, tuna, flour, halawa, tea, sardines, salt and vermicelli. €100 can also provide a family with 20 litres of fuel so that they can heat their shelters and stay warm through the coldest weeks of winter. In this first phase, we want to support a total of 2,180 people from 436 families, providing them with both food and a heater, but with you help we can reach even more. Together, let’s leave no one behind this winter.

Last winter, we helped a total of 11,919 people in Lebanon, providing heating oil, blankets, warm clothing, as well as month-long food parcels.

Winter kills.

Donate today.