Yemen Winter Family Emergency Kit

Yemen Winter Family Emergency Kit

Yemen Winter Emergency Fund

Yemen Winter Family Emergency Kit

2.4 million Yemeni children need our help this winter.

The Quran says ”If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Quran 5:32

€270 can provide an emergency winter kit to a family. This kit contains warm clothes, blankets, and mattresses, the essentials that will help them survive the bitter months.

For millions of Yemeni children, this year has been apocalyptic. Death, disease, hunger, and malnutrition has devastated them, and now winter is here.

When winter is fatal, we need to act.

In winter, the rain comes in irregular and heavy torrents. Many families are struggling to survive and ill-prepared for the cold season. Children are so run-down from starvation that they barely stand a chance against the diseases and sickness that winter brings with it.

Our team is on the ground right now providing hundreds of emergency winter kits to vulnerable families in Yemen. Your donations can help ensure families are not forced to choose between keeping warm, buying food, or paying for medical treatment.

80% of the population in Yemen depends on humanitarian aid.

Winter can be fatal. Please donate to our winter appeal today and help us save lives in Yemen this winter.

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