Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Allah said, “Spend [in charity] O Child of Adam and I will spend on you [Bukhari]

2.1 million people in Somalia need help this winter.

€60 Winter Family Emergency Kit can provide a family in Somalia with blankets, sleeping mats, and mosquito nets to help them get through the cold nights.

Loss of livelihoods, discrimination, conflict, exclusion, and climate change have internally displaced 2.6 million people in Somalia leaving them vulnerable, with little or no access to basic needs.

4.2 million Somalis desperately need humanitarian aid.

New arrivals in camps in Banadir, Mogadishu are especially suffering during the harsh cold nights. Most are weak and hungry having endured long journeys in search of safety and food. Families in the camps survive in makeshift shelters that leave them exposed to extreme weather like the scorching sun, strong winds, heavy rains, and temperature drops at night. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. We must help and protect them.

When winter is fatal, we need to act.

Human Appeal is in Banadir, Mogadishu in Somalia providing life-saving aid to those who need it the most. We are working hard to ensure that those vulnerable especially children under five are protected from contracting diseases such as pneumonia.

Our winter intervention will allow families to spend the little they have on food and water as we relieve their financial pressure.

Thank you for being there for the people of Somalia.

Last year, we helped 1.871 displaced people get through the cold nights by providing waterproof sheeting and blankets.

This year, with your support we aim to reach more families. The people of Somalia have endured decades of conflict and instability, they need us now more than ever as they slowly try to stand on their feet.

Your donation can be the difference between life and death for vulnerable families.

Just €60 can provide a Winter Emergency Kit to help a family get through the cold nights.

Please donate generously and help us save lives.

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