Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Fund

Lebanon Winter Emergency Appeal

”If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Quran 5:32

€80 can provide an emergency winter kit to a displaced family. The kit contains the essentials that they need to get through the harsh winter season including fuel for heating and a nutritious food parcel.

With your support, last year we helped 18,692 Syrian refugee families in Lebanon, thank you. Please help us reach more this year.

1.5 Million refugees are suffering this winter

This year has been tough for thousands of families in Lebanon, a major explosion at the port of Beirut saw families lose their homes and livelihoods. Covid-19, high inflation, and the rising food prices have added to the struggle families are facing, and now winter is here.

In Lebanon, winter brings heavy rain, snow, frost, and extremely low temperatures. 73 percent of refugee families are living on less than €3 a day and just over 50 percent are living in extreme poverty. Income and fuel are difficult to come by. Vulnerable Syrian refugee families are relying on us this winter.

When winter is fatal, we need to act.

Human Appeal is on the ground again this year, we are providing emergency winter kits for Syrian refugee families living in camps on the cold mountain range between Lebanon and Syria. The low temperatures in this region can be fatal for vulnerable people. Apart from fuel from heating our kits include a food parcel packed with nutritious foods.

Please donate generously to help us save lives during this bitter cold season. Donate Today