Zakat Fund

Zakat Fund

Zakat Fund

A beautiful pillar of faith

“Whoever pays the zakat on his wealth will have its evil removed from him.” (Ibn Khuzaymah)

€150 can provide life-saving healthcare to 6 mothers or babies at Al Imaan Hospital in Idlib, Syria.

€850 can help towards changing the life of a street child in Pakistan by providing food, a safe space, healthcare, counseling, and skill development.

Please note that when you donate to our Zakat Fund, your donations don’t need to cover the full value of any project and so will be used wherever they’re most needed. If you’d like to support a particular project with your Zakat, please donate directly to that project through its dedicated donation page.

Allah has commanded us to purify our wealth through Zakat. It’s not only a beautiful act of worship and obedience, but it helps to support the most vulnerable people. We’ve worked hard to design life-changing, impactful projects that you can support with your Zakat, focusing on sustainable, transformative projects that continue to benefit people for years to come. Explore all our Zakat-applicable projects.

Why give your Zakat through Human Appeal?

We’ve been delivering Zakat for 30 years – which means we have an incredible amount of experience, resources, and expertise to call on. It’s what allows us to minimize costs, and maximise impact.

Even now, 30 years later, we’re honoured and humbled by every single donation we receive. Zakat is a pillar of our faith, and that’s something we take with utmost care and importance.

Last year, your Zakat donations supported over 1.3 million people across eight countries.

Entrust your Zakat to us and together, inshallah, we can be worthy of Allah’s blessings in these days of mercy.

Donate your Zakat today.