Sudan family food parcel

Sudan family food parcel


Sudan Ramadan Food Pack

“Whoever gives iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.” (Source - Al-Tirmidhi)

Cyclical drought, flooding, and conflict have displaced 3 million people in Sudan, and left a staggering 15 million without reliable access to food – that’s a third of the entire population of Sudan. With the added hardship of inflation, 95% families in Sudan spend more than 65% of their income just on food.

€105 – provide iftar to a fasting family in Sudan for a month

Be a mercy to families in Sudan struggling simply to eat this Ramadan. Share a food parcel with families who don’t have breadwinner anymore, and multiply your reward this Ramadan

Give €105 today, and we’ll make sure it gets to a vulnerable family this Ramadan, leaving you free to worship, fast, and remember Allah, safe in the knowledge that your charity is sorted and in expert hands. When you donate a food parcel in Sudan, you’ll be supporting families led by women, older, and disabled people, or young mothers who need to provide for children while still in childhood themselves. Give mercy this Ramadan.

What will each donation provide?

Each parcel will contain staple local foods, ingredients for Ramadan, and nutritionally-rich items. In Sudan, your donation will provide a family-of-five with 39 kilograms of nutritious food including sorghum flour, sugar, lentils, juice, onions, salt, oil, and dates.

Helping a total of 2,000 people, we’ll be focusing on families with orphans and people with disabilities or sicknesses, as well as those that are led by women.

Donate now to allow us to distribute your food parcel before the start of the holy month.

Why give with Human Appeal?

We’ve been feeding fasting families for over 30 years, in which time we’ve developed efficient, high-quality programmes that put the needs of the communities we help first. Last Ramadan, your charity allowed us to provide over 133,620 people with iftar across 14 countries, including 1,400 in Sudan.

This year, spread mercy to a vulnerable family struggling to afford food in Sudan.

Give mercy now.

Please note, if sufficient funds are not raised for a particular project, your donation may be reallocated to where the need is greatest.