Qurbani - Bangladesh

Qurbani - Bangladesh


Bangladesh - (Cow Share)

Aisha (RA) narrated, ‘There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Judgement with its horns, hair and hooves (to be weighed on a person’s good deeds). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore, sacrifice with an open and happy heart’. (Tirmidhi)

Give your Qurbani for *€90 in Bangladesh, where almost a third of people don’t have enough to eat; including over 11 million living with extreme hunger.*

In Cox’s Bazar, 850,000 Rohingya refugees are still living in overcrowded and neglected camps, having fled bloody and brutal persecution in Myanmar.

€90 – provide a fresh nutritious beef Qurbani to Bangladeshi and Rohingya families, with each family receiving around 3 kilograms.

Last year, if you donated your Qurbani in Bangladesh, you provided an average of 11.2 kilograms to vulnerable families split between five families.

Protection from calamity

Across the globe, food prices are soaring; your Qurbani is more vital than ever, a true lifeline to those struggling for every single meal, who often don’t have the luxury of eating meat at any other time of the year. It’s also an incredible blessing to each person who gives.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

A blessed legacy

Give your Qurbani, and continue the blessed legacy of the Messenger (PBUH). It’s a unique act of worship that is given at this time of the year only, allowing us to share the blessings of Eid with others in the Ummah while seeking Allah’s mercy and blessings.

For many, the Qurbani sacrifice is considered a duty for all adult Muslims who qualify for Zakat, but it’s certainly encouraged and greatly rewarded for all who are able to give, with every single hair on the sacrificed animal providing blessings to those who give.

Same quality Qurbani, affordable options

Despite rising costs, we know times are tough, so we’ve committed to maintaining the cost of our Bangladesh Qurbani this year, without raising any prices to reflect our growing costs.

We’ve not changed the cost or the quality! It’s still our same fresh, nutritious Qurbani from well-cared-for animals, which we deliver to the most vulnerable communities.

Why give to Human Appeal?

Human Appeal sources fresh nutritious meat from local farmers with well-cared-for animals, providing a boost to the COVID-hit local economy. We inspect all animals ahead of time and sacrifice strictly in accordance with Islamic principles once the Eid prayer is complete.

We have thirty years of experience delivering Qurbani. We consider it an Amanah that you entrust to us, and that we fulfil with efficiency, transparency, and attention to detail.

When you donate €90 to perform your Qurbani in Bangladesh, you’ll be donating an entire Qurbani share of fresh Qurbani beef, with each family receiving around 3 kilograms. If you donated your Qurbani in Bangladesh, one Qurbani share provided an average of 11.2 kilograms.

Last Qurbani, you helped us to reach over half a million people with fresh nutritious meat, including 3,373 people in Bangladesh.

Give your Qurbani today, and reap the reward of the most blessed 10 days of the year.