Ukraine Emergency Fund

Ukraine Emergency Fund

Ukraine Refugees Emergency Fund

Over two million people have fled Ukraine since late February, including 1.2 million into Poland. The United Nations has predicted that 4 million Ukrainians may become refugees as a result of the conflict.

Help us to support families fleeing Ukraine into Poland; working with our local partners we’ll be providing food, blankets, and essential hygiene items to some of the most vulnerable families who have fled the attacks in Ukraine.

We’ll also be providing overnight shelter to those arriving at the border.

€150 Emergency kit - will provide food, blankets, and hygiene items to a vulnerable family on the border with Poland.

Please give and help us to provide warmth and food as refugees face sub-zero temperatures and hunger.

12 million will need support

The UN’s High Commission for Refugees estimates that one million people are displaced within Ukraine, and that a total of 12 million will need humanitarian help.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to Lviv in western Ukraine, around 40 miles from Poland’s border, putting a huge strain on existing resources in the city. The city’s mayor said it had reached its capacity to help displaced people.

Our Programmes Emergency Response Manager, Ahmed Kehail, is on the ground at the border, working with our locally-based partners to provide food, blankets and hygiene items to some of the most vulnerable families.

Provide warmth, nutrition, and hygiene products

Your support is essential in helping us to save lives. Temperatures on the border reach minus 10 degrees at night, and often don’t rise above 0 degrees in the day.

Ukrainians – mostly women and children - are fleeing miles on foot, catching crowded trains, and reaching the borders by any means necessary. They bring with them only what they can carry in backpacks.

Your donations will help us to provide portable accessible food – as well as warm blankets and hygiene items.

Please help us to save lives in Ukraine.