Winter Emergency Appeal

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Winter is a nightmare for most people suffering around the world. Millions need our help to get through the cold. When winter is fatal, we need to act. Provide a winter emergency kit today

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Winter Emergency Appeal

Winter is a nightmare for most people suffering around the world. Vulnerable families that are displaced and suffering need our help now more than ever.

79.5 million people need aid this winter. After months of suffering most are now set for freezing temperatures without adequate shelter, warm clothing, fuel, and little to no food.

Our Winter Emergency Appeal is needed now more than ever.

€120 can provide a family with warm blankets, clothes, heating, and fuel.

When winter is fatal, we need to act

2020 has been a hard year for most, given the unprecedented times we are living through, survival has been on all our minds. As we learned to adjust to a life of uncertainty, lockdown, and fear, we understood the value of family and being there for each other.

Through these challenges and tests, we had an opportunity to experience what 79.5 million around the world live through every day long before the Covid-19 pandemic became the new normal.

After enduring conflict, disaster, persecution, poverty, and the threat of COVID-19, displaced families around the world must now endure an unbearable season with no place to call home.

In Gaza, 2 million Palestinians are about to experience their harshest winter yet.

In Lebanon, 1.5 million Syrian refugees need our support. After the deadly explosion in Beirut earlier this year and the aftermath of Covid-19, their situation is getting worse each day.

In Syria, 6.1 million people are at risk.

In Somalia 2.1 million people are hungry.

In Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis 24 million people are relying on humanitarian aid.

Human Appeal is on the ground now in these countries distributing winter family emergency kits to protect families against the cold, hunger, and Covid-19, but we urgently need your help. We need to save lives.

When winter is fatal, we need to take action. Now

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Our Covid-19 safety measures

This winter, we have implemented stringent COVID-19 measures, ensuring all distributions are done in a safe way. Our Covid-19 measures on the ground include phased collections and social distancing, wearing of face coverings, hand sanitizers, and a dedicated team member overseeing safety at every collection point.

We are ready to do what it takes to save lives. Help us by making a generous donation today.

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection…Whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him in this life and the Hereafter. Allah is in aid of the servant so long as the servant is in aid of his brother.”


When winter is fatal, we need to act