Orphan Sponsorship Programme

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By sponsoring an orphan, you can give an innocent and vulnerable child the chance to grow up happy, secure and with an opportunity for a better future as an adult.

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan with us

The Prophet (saw) said: " We will be in paradise me and the one who takes care of the orphan like that " and he made a sign with the index and middle finger.

Mukta Moni's Story

When you help a child to go to school, you help a whole community.

Mukta lost her father when she was just eight months old. Her mother struggled to cope but always wanted her daughter to get the education she deserved. As it was impossible for Mukta’s mother to manage this on her own, a Human Appeal donor stepped in and helped through our child sponsorship programme.

We provided her with all that she needed e.g college stationary, books, detergent, umbrella etc. When we last checked in with Mukta was in her third year of college. She aspired to become a teacher and was already helping children in her village with their own studies.

This is the power of your donations. Please help us transform more lives in communities around the world.

Orphan Sponsorship Programme

It is shocking what orphans around the world, especially in places of conflict like Syria, Yemen and Palestine have to endure on a daily basis; they have no access to food, clean water, medicine or education. Some are subject to abuse, neglect and child labour. These children are exposed to hunger, disease and a poverty cycle that they can't break out of alone.

There are over 150 Million children orphaned around the world. These young children are the innocent victims of war, political instability, social inequality, and natural disasters. It's our duty to support them.

Our generous donors are sponsoring over 12,000 orphans around the world but, there are many more lives that we have the opportunity to make better and we cannot do it without your help.

If every one of us were to sponsor just one orphan, the positive impact we would have on the lives of orphaned children around the world would be amazing.

You can support an orphaned child RIGHT NOW for just €45 a month or €540 per year.

Give a child a chance of a brighter future