Making the most of your mercy

Our expertise, people, capabilities, and infrastructure ensure we make the most of your mercy. Your mercy is in the best hands to transform the lives of the most vulnerable.

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Human Appeal makes the most of your mercy

It has never been more important to us to make the most of your mercy as people around the world contend with a slowing global economy and a growing cost of living crisis. We are committed to ensuring your charity is delivered effectively.

We’ve spent the last 30 years doing just that. To every initiative, we bring our operational expertise, our efficient and transparent stewardship, and a deep understanding of and connection with the issues affecting vulnerable people all over the world. This is what our donors trust and rely on year after year: knowing exactly, what, where, when, for whom, and how their mercy is being delivered.

We make the most of your mercy so that we can:

Safeguard bright futures for more than 22,000 vulnerable orphans in 9 countries. Our one-to-one sponsorship programme has a built-in school attendance requirement while covering the cost of food, housing, medical care, and learning materials.

Pioneer technologically innovative infrastructure projects in Pakistan, like designing and building a 25-km embankment on the Chenab River in Pakistan. Protecting an entire community from being washed away, the embankment has held back the floods each year, including Pakistan’s worst flooding in a decade during its last monsoon season.

Protect ensure the health of mothers and their children in war-torn Syria by running the only free maternity hospital in Idlib, Syria. By offering free medical care to vulnerable mothers and children, our staff at Al Imaan Hospital providing life-saving care to 100,000 patients every year.

Quench the thirst for the 2 million residents of the Gaza Strip by working with UNOCHA to purify Gaza’s water network. And now, our newest project involves building a large-scale desalination plant to provide daily access to clean water for 60,000 people across Gaza.

Recover lost livelihoods for vulnerable farmers in Gaza by planting 80,000 olive trees since 1991. The farming project provides each farmer with 30-40 prime olive trees so they can establish a vibrant, sustainable crop that yields not just food but income for generations.

Restore safe and secure residential spaces in Syria, like the construction of a new town with 1,000 newly constructed homes in Al Zahoor.

Such life-changing relief projects require investment, expertise, and logistical know-how to achieve their full potential. Our staff on the ground are delivering your mercy every day all around the world.

Our governance with your mercy are a powerful combination that transforms the lives of the vulnerable in our global Ummah.

Making the most of your mercy

How we make the most of your mercy

Human Appeal helped over 3.8 million people in 16 countries in 2022.

Over 22,000 orphans sponsored in 9 countries.

1.2 million people helped with clean water and sanitation.

1.1 million people supported with health projects.

1 million people received food aid.

Over 607,440 supported with emergency aid.

“Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

Source - Tirmidhi

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We are proud of our achievements on your behalf. We are proud to make the most of your mercy.

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