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After three seasons of no rain in Somalia, hunger levels are at their worst in 30 years. A staggering 350,000 children could face starvation by the end of the year if more is not done to help the country recover. Donate to our Somalia Emergency Appeal and help us to save lives.

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18 million facing famine-like conditions

“Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind” (Quran 5:32)

350,000 children facing starvation

After little to no rain for three entire seasons, hunger in Somalia is higher than has been for thirty years. Devastating losses to crops and livestock have caused an unimaginable increase in hunger levels, with a staggering 55% increase in severely malnourished children being admitted into clinics.

€100 – provide an emergency food parcel to last one month, malnutrition kits, and water to a family in Somalia.

A person dying every 48 seconds

Almost half a million people in the Horn of Africa are facing famine-like conditions, with one person dying every 48 seconds, according to a new report.

In Somalia, 90% of all districts have been hit by drought, with people forced to flee their homes in search of food, water and pasture for their livestock. The uncertainty of displacement puts vulnerable families at risk of disease, poor hygiene, and gender-based violence.

The worst hunger levels in three decades are a culmination of cyclical droughts, conflict, climate shocks, rising food prices, and national debt. There is no end in sight as the nation continues to await the mercy of rain.

As the conflict in Ukraine has sent prices soaring, families in Somalia that were already struggling to afford food now face famine if help is not received imminently.

Your support is urgently needed to help save lives.

Donate with Human Appeal, save a life

Human Appeal’s local Somalia office is already responding to the crisis with the support of our Emergency Fund, which allows us to provide aid to extreme disasters without waiting for donations to arrive.

Right now, we’re providing:

Food parcels containing around 60 kilograms of rice, flour, sugar, oil and milk powder, last a family an entire month. One month’s worth of clean water trucking in drought-hit communities. High-calorie treatment for malnutrition, in coordination with UNICEF. Shelter and non-food items to displaced families arriving in Mogadishu’s camps.

With your help, we urgently need to raise €100,000 in the next few weeks in order to support those most at risk of starvation.

Why give with Human Appeal

We’ve been working in Somalia since 1991, responding to emergencies and climate shocks, while helping communities to become resilient to drought and hunger.

Last year, we helped 287,142 people in Somalia, including supporting over 170,000 through our food projects, 98,000 through our health projects, and 11,500 clean water solutions and improved sanitation.

Families in Somalia can’t wait and need our support now before hundreds of thousands of lives are lost to this silent crisis.

Donate now. Save a life, save humanity.

Save a life, save humanity

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