Get Involved Ireland

Would you like to get involved? Need ideas on how you can help?

Just email us at or call us on 01 2910006 and we'll give you all the help you need.


Some suggestions and special tips on how to #getinvolved.

Sponsored Swim, Cycle, Run or Walk. 

Choose your own target, set your own pace.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the launch next week of an exiting new fitness challenge!

Brian, Colm and Rory's Story

These three young men from Dublin raised €4,500 through a cycle from Dublin to Dingle. Their Trojan efforts were in support of our education projects. As a result they are on their own supporting teachers and 500 pupils for two months!



Organise a weekend bazaar/fair at your local community centre:

These are usually successful if done the right way. Charge 50c entrance or even free, set up tables & chairs for stalls and ask family/friends to volunteer their skills (e.g. face-painting, henna, food & refreshments, art, photography, make-up, book-selling, joke-telling etc). You may need permission for the hall first.


Request a non-uniform day at school/college:

Each student pays €1 to be able to attend in non-uniform. Be sure to arrange this in advance with your teachers though!

Exchange your skill for donations

Most of us can do something that our friends cannot. Whether it be origami, cooking, painting, or crafts, teaching your friends your skill in exchange for a small donation to your chosen project means that you too can make a big difference.

Sell your unwanted stuff:

We all have things we own that we don't really need. So sell it on E-bay and use the profit to support an orphan or give an orphan a school kit! You can also have garage sales, car boot sales or cake sales and invite your family & friends!


Raise money online by letting all your contacts know that you're collecting money for a specific cause & how they can help out & be a part of the great cause. Use one of the many fundraising onlline platforms available, contact us to see which we suggest.

Take a Trip:

Arrange a trip for your family & friends, your school/college to Dublin Zoo, Bray Sea Life, outdoor activity centres, etc. And ask each person to give €5 extra for an orphan. The further the trip from home, the little extra you can charge. E.g. Galway, Cork charge €10 extra per person. Tip: Look out for cheaper theme park entrance tickets or train fares online!

Give for free

By getting involved in fundraising schemes you can help raise vital funds for Human Appeal International at absolutely no cost to you! Recycle your phone, search online, sell unwanted items on Ebay or donate shares - it all helps to raise money.

Have an idea for us? Send an e-mail on OR give us a call on (+3531) 291 0006 and speak to our staff! No idea is a bad idea!


What to do once you've raised the money?

Ok, so now you've collected the money & are wondering what's the best way to spend it in charity. Why not give us a call on (+3531) 291 0006 and discuss the latest ongoing projects with our team.

Already have a specific project in mind? Just give us a call and donate the money over the phone, or send a cheque at our address detailing your name, address, telephone number, and project you would like implemented. We'd also love to hear about your event and see some pictures!