Charity Tax Back

Give again for free… all that’s required is a few moments of your time. With your help Human Appeal can claim 45% refund from Revenue on donations from supporters like you who give €250 or more in any given year.

Download and complete a CHY3 enduring form today. Here’s how it works:
  -     Whether you are PAYE or Self-Assessed, from 1st January 2013 Human Appeal
         Ireland claim tax relief on your donation.

  -     If your donations amount to €250 or more in a calendar year they could be worth an
         extra 45% to Human Appeal Ireland.

 -     By signing the CHY3 enduring form Human Appeal Ireland can claim tax relief on
        your donations (totalling €250 or more in any year) for a 5 year period (if tax has been
        paid). This is at not extra cost to you as the donor.

 -     The CHY3 enduring form does not commit you to pay anything; it simply enables tax
        relief if you donate €250+ in during the 5 year period.

 -     If you prefer you can complete a CHY4 form. This form lasts for just one year and a
        new form would have to be completed each year your donations total over €250 or more.

 How tax relief can help your donation grow:

  The value of a donation

  Increase after tax claim








If you have any questions about the Charity Tax Back scheme, please call Fiona at: 01 2910006 or send her an email

 Thank you for your support.

You can download all forms below:
Human Appeal - Revenue Charity CHY3 Enduring Form
Revenue Charity CHY4 Form

Frequently asked Questions:

Does signing the form cost me anything?     

No! Signing the CHY3 form does not cost you any money. Returning the form does not change your tax situation. There is no way for you to claim the tax rebate on your donation.

How much extra can the charity receive from the tax rebate?                                                                         

45%, For example, if your donations have reached or exceeded €250 throughout the year we, as a charity organisation may receive an additional €77 from the Revenue Commissioners, which means your total donation will amount to €362.50.

Can I sign a CHY3 form for more than one charity?

YES, each charity can claim the tax relief on your donation to them, so long as the total value of the claims is less than the amount of tax you paid in that year.

I am self-employed, can I claim it myself?

NO not anymore. Since 2013 self-employed people can no longer claim tax relief themselves only the charity can claim it on their behalf.

I don’t think I pay tax- I am not employed or have a pension?

You don’t need to be working full time. The amount of tax you pay in a year should at least equal the tax rebate to the charity, so you don’t have to be paying a lot of tax. For example, if you donated €250 the tax rebate would be €112, so you would only need to have paid €112 in tax in the whole year. Your circumstances may change and the CHY3 form covers you for 5 years.

Am I associated with the approved body (charity)?

 NO you do not need to tick this box unless you are an employee of Human Appeal. Donors and volunteers are not considered as being associated with Human Appeal.