Urgent Appeal: Winter Storms in Palestine Create Need for Emergency Action

Several countries in the Middle East are enduring severly cold weather this week, with snow storm “Huda,” causing tremendous hardship in Palestine. 

Palestine has suffered from severe weather this past week, with snow storm “Huda,” causing tremendous hardship to all. There have been reports of numerous deaths. Particularly tragic have been reports of the deaths of four very young children.

“It’s freezing cold. We have no future after this destruction. I lost all of my games, clothes and books. We lost everything.”

12yr old Samah Afana has to spend this winter with the rest of her family in this crumbling building in Gaza.

Samah Afana

The 32 members of the Afana family are left to endure freezing rain with minimal shelter: they desperately need our help. 

Afana family have to shelter in this shattered building that offers very little protection from the elements

A sharp drop in temperatures occurred on Wednesday, and it will be very cold, in the northern and central parts of Palestine with heavy rain and snow forecast, particularly over mountainous areas higher than 800 meters in the north of the country.

It should be remembered that last year Palestine was battered by the worst storm in 60 years which killed six, including three Palestinian children, all due largely to a lack of medical and emergency rescue equipment and rudimentary capabilities.

The storms also led to power cuts in many Palestinian governorates with thousands of homes flooded. Road closures led to vital supplies of food and milk being cut off. Schools and colleges were also closed and everyday life severely affected.

If a similar crisis is to be avoided urgent action is required. The Human Appeal Palestine Office has sent us an URGENT REQUEST for assistance to help the 200,000 people currently living in tents without water or electricity. They have asked us for our help to provide the following materials:


The total level of assistance required is therefore $740,000 which is €625,000.

We are calling on all of our supporters and donors as a matter of urgency to donate whatever they can to our winter appeal in the donation section to the right of the page.

Our Staff on the ground,  will ensure that your generosity will get directly to those people who need it most

Don't forget that we also have a long term project to provide #100Homes in our Gaza Irish Village