The Solution is Clear

Over 90% of the water from Gaza’s sole aquifer is unfit to drink. Contagions in the water are causing disease and health disorders, such as renal failure, high blood pressure and osteoporosis, while most families are using up to a third of their income to buy water from unregulated vendors. Sadly, this is also often contaminated.

Thanks to our donors, we’ve already provided clean water for over 200,000 Palestinian schoolchildren. Now we want to build a water desalination plant on the Gaza coastline for the entire population. The plant will provide over 600,000 people with safe water, whilst providing employment for the local community.

No human being should have to go without safe, clean water. With your help, we can continue providing life-giving water to those in need. Please help us to continue delivering clear water solutions to those who need it most.

Give Water #Savealife