Helping the Refugees of the Conflict in Syria

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The conflict continues to take a dreadful toll on the people of Syria. There are millions displaced within the country and many more who have fled as refugees to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Human Appeal works both on the ground in Syria and throughout the region to help support families struggling to cope with the hardships of winter.

We are reaching these families with supplies of food, warm blankets and clothing as well as other essential materials.

With your help we can get what they need in the region for distribution in refugee camps and informal temporary accommodation. Please help by donating a family food parcel or a winter supply kit.

Syria Refugees Winter Appeal




Donate a Family Food Parcel- Syria

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Providing Food

In 2016, our donors enabled us to distribute millions of kilos of flour and 250,000 family food parcels in Syria.

Our food parcels contain supplies for a family of 6 for a month. Our parcels contain essentials such as rice, sugar, tuna, sardines, milk, tea, feta cheese, flour, hummus, lentils and beans. They cost €90 each.

€90 will help feed a family of 6 for a whole month