Syria Refugees Jordan: Urgent Appeal

There are more than 640,000 Syrian people who have fled their home country for Jordan.  Most of these are living in very precarious conditions. Our Food Packs for Jordan Appeal will seek to help up to 30,000 of these people who are currently living in makeshift camps on the Syria Jordan border. We need to provide 5,000 food parcels by the end of May urgently, to get the assistance they need to them.

Fiona and our Human Appeal Ireland team leaves for Jordan today, 31st May, but she has a last minute appeal for you:

'We are still a little short of our target...imagine what a food parcel could do for your family...I have met so many people whose lives are now better...but who speak of the help given in times of crisis...let us reach out 50 euros..'


Donate a Family Food Parcel

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Providing Food

In 2015, our donors enabled us to distribute 10.3 million kilos of flour and 250,000 family food parcels in Syria.

Our food parcels contain supplies for a family of 6 for a month. Our parcels contain essentials such as rice, sugar, tuna, sardines, milk, tea, feta cheese, flour, hummus, lentils and beans. They cost €50 each.

€50 will help feed a family of 6 for a whole month