Human Appeal is one of the few Irish Charities that work inside Syria

We are Working In Macedonia and Greece to get Aid Directly and Immediately to Syrian Refugees

Our team of experienced aid workers is operating on the Macedonia Greece border, assessing the situation and giving aid to those in most need: please donate what you can today to make sure that we can rapidly repond to their needs.

Meanwhile we continue our life-saving work in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan; supplying food, shelter and healthcare.

We’re delighted to report that our Syrian Humanitarian Mission (SHM) team have just been awarded funding for two large projects from UNOCHA totalling just over $1 million. The team secured funding for a WASH project in Aleppo and a Shelter rehabilitation project in the regions of Idlib and Hama.

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Syria is suffering 4 years of crisis

As thousands seek refuge in Europe, we must remember the millions who are trapped in the conflict zone.

Human Appeal has been working on the ground in Syria and in neighbouring countries caring for refugees and displaced families as well as supporting medical clinics, schools, and accommodation projects since 2012

Cost of Aid

We purchase our food and materials as close to the region of concern as possible - this means that we cut down on transport costs, stretch the value of donations further, and contribute to positive relations between host countries and refugee communities

Over 4 Years in Syria

With our partners, which include the World Food Programme, we have distributed 16,800 tonnes of flour, 105,000 food packs and have provided a range of other essential aid projects.

We have also shipped 25 container loads of direct essential aid including medical aid and clothes collected from our kind donors from throughout Ireland

Our staff is committed to continuing this lifesaving work for as long as it takes to protect the lives and well-being of the innocent victims of the conflict - but we can only do this with the generous support of the Irish people

please continue to support our efforts