Syria: Baby Supplies Appeal 2014

We are sending a container of baby milk and nappies inside Syria's Yarmouk camp, which hosts more than to 20,000 Palestinian Refugees inside Damascus, Syria.  The camp is enduring acute shortages of food, medicines and other essentials. Much of the camp has been destroyed by shelling. Families inside the camp are not receiving any food supplies for months and as the situation is worsening day by day, so we are sending a container filled with powered/dry baby milk as well as medical supplies. 

Please help us deliver this vital and life saving aid to desperately needed families.

Collection End date: 20 May 2014,

Breakdown of costing of powdered baby tins:
For each 450g tin of baby powder = €6.00
Each box contains 6 tins = €36.00
Every 10 Boxes = €360.00
Donation amounts = €36.00/€360.00

We ask you to please purchase the supplies and drop them to our office or shop in Dundrum, Dublin 16.  

Alternatively, you can also help by DONATING HERE   |  or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Our staff from Ireland will directly distribute all aid donated!

To read more about the latest reports about the situation in the camp, see HERE.