‘Running for Rights, Running for Water’

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Part of the ‘Get Active with Human Appeal’ series.

We Cycled for Syria and brought 1000 food parcels to Syrians stranded on the Syria/Jordan border. Next?

Access to water is a human right. And yet 1 billion people live without clean water. Do you think you'd like to try changing this situation?

Grab your courage, your trainers and a few friends and sign up to the DUBLIN MARATHON. It’s an epic 26 mile run through the streets and parks of Dublin City.

It’s tough, of course it is, but living without clean water is tougher. By running and collecting for the Human Appeal Safe Water Project, you’ll be improving health conditions in Syria and Palestine.

By accepting the Human Appeal Ireland Marathon Challenge you can provide:

Water in besieged areas of Syria

Desalination Wells in Gaza

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Qalamoun, to the north of Damascus, is a besieged area which has an acute lack of access to water. This project will install two water wells: the water will be distributed every 2 days for free to the beneficiaries.

Project Cost:  €625

Over 90% of the water from Gaza’s sole aquifer is unfit to drink. We build wells in Gaza to supply clean desalinated water each one providing life-giving resource to thousands of people.

Project Cost:  €23,000

Sign up to the human appeal team on the form below by the 25th July.

We are hugely grateful and look forward to supporting you the entire way- from your first day of training to celebrating your arrival at the finish line.