Rohingyan People Burma

There are approximately 1.4m members of the Rohingya minority living in Burma/Myanmar. They regularly face persecution and attack which came to a head in 2012 when a quarter of a million peole fled in fear by boat out of the country or to crowded refugee camps in Rahkine State where they live precariously, denied freedom of movement and access to housing and basic healthcare.

Hundreds of thousands women, children and families are destitute, in grave danger and without food or medical supplies. 

Human Appeal Works in these camps, with your help, delivering what aid it can.

Recent Floods in Rakhine State have made the plight of the persecuted Rohingya even more precarious

The floods are the worst in decades and are spreading dengue and other life-threatening diseases.


The Rohingya People

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority mainly based in the Rahkine State of Eastern Burma. The military government of the country have refused to accept their legal status and falsely claims that they are in fact 'Bengali' and are illegally in Burma. This means that they are denied basic healthcare and citizenship rights. At the same time, those who have fled persecution at home and are currently living as undocumented refugees in Bangladesh are denied basic assistance in that country, leaving the Rohingya in a precarious limbo.

US President Barak Obama has condemned the Burmese government for its treatment of its Rohingyan minority, but little has changed in their treatment, and there has been little support given them by any of the political parties from the majority ethnic groups.