Ramadan 2017

You can be certain that when you donate your Zakat to us we will get it 100% to Yemen, Palestine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, East Africa or wherever you ask us so that your kindness will do the maximum good.

Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar. It is a month when people around the world reappraise their lives in the light of spirituality and the remembrance of others. 

Human Appeal will be marking the month of Ramadan by holding information and fundraising events in aid of our many life-saving projects throughout the world.

We would be grateful if during this month of mindfulness and charity that you can support our work and help save a life.



Helping children grow

Use Your Zakat to Donate to our Widows and Orphans Fund

Which orphan sponsorship project do you want to support?

Our orphans are the innocent victims of war, natural disaster and political upheaval, so it’s vital we continue supporting them. With 200 million orphans, globally, we have many more lives to save.

If every one of us were to sponsor just one orphan, the positive impact we could have on children in the world without one or both parents would be amazing. It’s shocking what orphans in places like Bangladesh, Palestine and Pakistan must endure on a daily basis, including having no access to food, clean water, medicine or education.

Let’s light up the lives of as many suffering young children as we can, giving them food, clothing, medical aid and access to the all-important thing that will give them a brighter future – education.

Please donate your ZAKAT today and build lives for the future #changealife

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Case Study: Yusuf, Bangladesh

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Help the Besieged People of Syria

Use Your Zakat to Donate to our Besieged People of Syria

Which water project do you want to support?


But now, people in Aleppo, Ghouta and other areas are also enduring a debilitating siege. The UN estimates that 400,000 people in Syria are currently living in 15 besieged areas without access to food and medical aid. There are also reports that people are being killed for trying to leave the towns.

Watching communities of Syrians, including children, die of starvation is not an option. It’s therefore vital we continue our work and expand our efforts to Syria’s besieged towns.

The crisis in Syria has claimed far too many lives already and has orphaned far too many children. More and more humanitarian aid routes are being blockaded by warring parties, so it’s even more essential to act now. With your generous support we can save thousands of innocent lives. Please donate your ZAKAT now before it’s too late.

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Give Water #Savealife

Use Your Zakat to Donate to our Water Projects

Which water project do you want to support?

Over 90% of the water from Gaza’s sole aquifer is unfit to drink. Contagions in the water are causing disease and health disorders, such as renal failure, high blood pressure and osteoporosis, while most families are using up to a third of their income to buy water from unregulated vendors. Sadly, this is also often contaminated.

Thanks to our donors, we've already provided clean water for over 200,000 Palestinian schoolchildren. Now we want to build a water desalination plant on the Gaza coastline for the entire population. The plant will provide over 600,000 people with safe water, whilst providing employment for the local community.

No human being should have to go without safe, clean water. With your help, we can continue providing life-giving water to those in need. Please help us to continue delivering clear water solutions to those who need it most.

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Emergency Ramadan Donations