Our Syria and Palestine Appeal

Human Appeal is one of the few Irish Charities that work inside Syria

The winter in the region is often harsh, but this year it has been exceptionally so. Storm Huda caused havoc and hardship in Palestine throughout January and Syria has seen snowfalls and freezing temperatures.

Syrian Families enduring freezing temperatures

This severe weather is taking a massive toll on those who have been displaced from their homes in both Palestine and Syria. Forced to live in Tents and makeshift shelters is bad enough in good weather, but it becomes life-threateningly unbearable in winter. Remember there are over 7.5 million people internally displaced within Syria and a further 3.3 million people having fled the country as refugees.

In Gaza flooding and power shortages and cold are causing infant deaths

With our staff in Palestine and Syria we do our best on our donor’s behalf to help those in greatest need. We ensure that all of your donations go directly to the people suffering on the ground.

Our flour and food pack distributions continue throughout the winter, but we also donate winter packs of mattresses and blankets to help stave off the cold.

Donate what you can this winter to help our winter campaign against cold and want.