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Orphan Sponsorship Fund Human Appeal Ireland

Our orphan sponsorship fund can help support a child providing, for example, food, clothes, shelter, education or medical care.

You can help by paying an annual donation of €350 or by a monthly donation of €30 to our Orphans Fund.



"Almost 11 years ago, I lost my parents and brother to the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan. My elder sister Bushra was 16, and had to look after all of her remaining siblings - all ten of us.

"Whilst living in a camp, Bushra made sure to enrol me at a school set up by Human Appeal, that was dedicated to helping children like me to continue my education. They gave me lots of support so that I didn't have to worry about things like money, and could commit to my lessons and homework.

"This year, I passed my FSC with flying colours, and have been offered a seat at a top medical college - I'm a doctor in the making! I owe everything to my sister and Human Appeal for believing in me, and supporting me through the darkest hours. They have taught me that life is about helping others, which is what I will do as a doctor for the rest of my life."

Ashan's Story Child Sponsorship Fund Human Appeal Ireland


"My name is Noordin. I live in Tanzania. I have a twin, but I never met our parents. My father died before we were born and my mother died while giving us life.

"We are very lucky because good Samaritans look after us and raise us, even though they don't have much money and can't always pay for everything we need.

"And we have been very lucky again! Another good Samaritan sponsors me through Little Human Appeal. Their donation helps my family to buy things like food and pays for medicine when we're poorly, so we are healthy enough to study and play with our friends at school."

Noordin Child Sponsorship Fund Human Appeal Ireland

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