Medical Practitioners Dinner

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Human Appeal Ireland will host a Gala Dinner on 10th May in the ICC Dublin.

The event is open to medical practitioners with an interest in humanitarian aid and emergency relief medicine. Guest speakers on the evening will include Dr. Mohammed Abu Arab, Dr Hussein Nagi, and Dr Basel Alkhder, head of medical projects for Human Appeal UK as well as being the Director of Medical Relief Consultancy.

Dr. Mohammed Abu Arab

Dr. Abu Arab has worked extensively side by side with Dr Mads Gilbert in the Al Shifa hospital Gaza during the recent conflict.

Mr Sc Dr Hussein Nagi

Mr Sc Dr Hussein Nagi, is a consultant in Pain Management at City Hospital Birmingham, and Examiner in the College of Anaesthetists in Dublin and the Podiatric Department in Mathew Bolton College in Birmingham. He is a qualified Life and Team Coach dealing with motivation and self-development for individuals and organizations and an accredited leadership trainer by Adair International. Dr Nagi has worked in Bosnia and Gaza during humanitarian crises in those countries

Dr Basel Alkhder

Syrian by descent, Dr Alkhder qualified as a medical doctor in 2000 and specialized in obstetrics & gynaecology in 2005. Having developed a special interest in trauma medicine, he flew out to Syria at the start of the crisis in 2011 to assist in the field hospitals both inside Syria and in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. Since then he has been training Syrian doctors in Damage Control Surgery and the treatment of victims of chemical weapons attacks, as well as helping ensure the delivery of medical supplies into Syria. Through his work with various charities, Dr Alkhder has been key to the establishment of more than 140 field hospitals and medical points across Syria, and is now head of medical projects for Human Appeal as well as being the Director of Medical Relief Consultancy.

Medical Assistance in Gaza

Human Appeal International has been working on ground to facilitate and support the Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza strip. We have provided 100 beds to cater for the large increase in the number of casualties. We have also provided monitors for the A&E ward and funded paramedics and doctors from abroad to conduct specialised operations. We installed a maternity ward, provided new equipment for the pathology ward, redesigned the burns department and provided a new orthopaedics department. In addition, along with HAI and Human Appeal Gaza we have supplied the following to Al-Shifa Hospital: • CT scanner • X-ray films for radiology • 13 ambulances • 10 kidney dialysis machines • Mortuary equipment • lifesaving drugs and medicine • Two Lorries full of medical kits • an electric generator with the capacity of 1MV

Syria Emergency Medical Relief

In partnership with our International offices, this year we’ve been supplying medical equipment, medication, clean water to Syrian hospitals. We have supported the Reyhanli Rehabilitation Centre and provided 12 emergency ambulances that were desperately needed to treat the victims of the conflict. Since the start of our container project, approximately 21 containers of clothes and medical supplies have been shipped from Ireland since 2011 to Syria and Lebanon. Some of the lifesaving equipment we have been donated includes; a CT scanner, an anaesthetic machine, hospital beds and other state of the art equipment. Our relief efforts were aided from the contributions of our friends at the JBS Company and the Order of Malta as well as our partnerships with hospitals throughout Ireland.

Who we are

Human Appeal International Ireland (HAII) is a non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. Working in close cooperation with national and international partners, we gain access to and establish bases in the world’s most challenging areas, including Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and Senegal.