Human Appeal Women’s Vocational Training Centre Project Bangladesh

Employment and education opportunities for women in Bangladesh are some of the worst in the world. We aim to address this problem directly with your help.

Bangladesh has a total population of 150.4 million out of which women are traditionally one of the poorest and most economically disempowered groups.

According to the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2007, about 65 per cent of women aged 15-49 were unemployed in 2006 compared to about 2 per cent of men in the same age group. 

Unfortunately these statistics have not changed much since then, and women and girls who have not received an education and who are in low income households suffer the most.

Participant in a similar craft entrepreneurship intitiave by Human Appeal in Pakistan

Participant in another Human Appeal entrepreneurship initiative

However, women in Bangladesh have made some important gains in the formal labour market in the past twenty five years, but this has mainly been due to increased participation in the garment sector and an NGO-led microcredit revolution that targets women.

Therefore there is a critical need for Aid agencies such as Human Appeal Ireland to increase assistance to women in Bangladesh to help promote more productive employment opportunities to help foster sustainable income generation and opportunities for education.

How we will address the problem:

The Human Appeal Women’s Vocational Training Centre Project works directly with women from low income areas to help them to build their careers and improve the lives of their family.

This opportunity not only addresses the basic need for vocational and skills training in order to improve employment prospects for the women, but also introduces an innovative way of creating sustainability in the project through further uplifting the earning potential of the women.

The project will offer the opportunity to 52 destitute women in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh to develop their own businesses through training and direct assistance.

42 of the women will be trained in basic sewing and textile skills, leadership and business understanding. The participants will also be provided with monthly medical surgeries for free health check-ups. We will conduct four workshops with a facilitator to build confidence and employment/business ideas.

10 women already equipped with basic sewing and textile skills, will be given the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship scheme.

We will conduct a 4 month skills and entrepreneurship training on higher quality skills; start-up enterprise models; product design, marketing and sales; budgeting and risk management; cooperative design and individual business plans.

To support this initiative, please help us by joining our Human Appeal VHI women's min-marathon team for 2015. 

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