Gaza Update - August 2014

Human Appeal work at European Hospital in Gaza
Gaza update – the European Hospital of Gaza

The war is making life unbearable for the people of Gaza.

At the European Hospital, located in south-eastern Gaza, day-to-day operations have become especially challenging because the building is completely isolated.

Recently, due to its remoteness and because of the lack of transportation in the region, a major problem occurred when the air conditioning unit broke in the intensive care section. The situation became critical when an increasing number of injured were brought to the hospital and both patients and staff alike had to endure temperatures of 30 degrees - a life threatening temperature in what should be a sanitary clinical environment.

Human Appeal work at European Hospital in Gaza - pic 2

To alleviate this crisis, Human Appeal directed our crews and engineers on the ground in Gaza to install new air conditioning units at the hospital, which are now operational.

Thanks so much to our dedicated team and to our generous donors who are doing everything they can help vulnerable Gazans. We couldn’t achieve anything without you!

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