Gaza Project

In November 2012, the Gaza Strip was attacked indiscriminately. Dozens were killed and hundreds of men, women and children injured. Unequipped and understaffed, hospitals could not cope with the influx of casualties, causing many to go untreated for lack of medicine. At one point, Al-Shifa hospital alone received 30 casualties in the space of 15 minutes. Few beds existed before the attacks. Now, people were forced to lay across the floors in wait of help. Reports confirmed 115 civilians dead and over 900 injured.

While there has been an official ceasefire, the two weeks of carnage wreaked havoc on life in the West Bank. It will take much longer to recover from the devastation of families, livelihoods and infrastructure.

Our Work In Gaza So Far

Human Appeal International has been working on the ground in Gaza to distribute aid. In December 2012, we shipped a container to Gaza, carrying medical equipment worth €250,000.

This was possible only with the generosity of the Irish people, who were able to arrange for the appropriate supplies at short notice.

  • Two weeks later, in late December, we sent a second container to Gaza with the help of Dr Ridwan and the Muslim community in Cork. Medical equipment for a full hospital, worth €1.5 million, was sent. Thank you to Abdul Kareem and his team for their great work in packing and loading the supplies.