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The crisis in Yemen continues to exact a heavy toll on the lives of the civilian population. Human Appeal is working in the country to bring aid to those people worst affected by the situation

In early 2015, hostilities broke out in Yemen. While peace negotiations sponsored by the United Nations have begun between the parties to the conflict, the damage done to the country’s infrastructure has been severe.

According estimates more than 9,000 people have been killed in Yemen, including 3,500 civilians. There are reports of over 500 children killed and 600 seriously injured.

People in need of urgent humanitarian assistance: 21.1 million people
Of whom:   9.9 million are children
Number of Internally Displaced People:  2.8 million (31% children)


320,000 children under 5 at risk of Acute Malnutrition

19.3 million people are in need of WASH assistance Water-Sanitation-Hygiene

14.1 million people in need of basic health care

Yemen War Irish Charity

Facts About Yemen

Yemen War Human Appeal Ireland Charity

Yemen, has an estimated population of 25.5 million. It ranks very low on the Human Development Index (160th out of 188, Ireland ranks 7th) which measures the health education and income of a country’s citizens, and did so even before the recent violence in the country started.

Human Appeal in Yemen

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HAI has operated in Yemen since the start of the recent crisis. Some of the programmes carried out since March 2015 include:

  • Supported 4,509 households (29,760 people) with food parcels in Aden, Lahej, Taiz and Al Dhalea
  • Delivered a safe water project for 7,500 households (49,500 people) in Aden and Lahej (WASH)
  • Educated 23,000 people about the cause and spread of the dengue virus, which has proved fatal for several people in both Aden and Lahej.
  • Removed and transported rubbish away from civilian areas and resolved sewage problems.
  • Distributed food parcels to over 1000 households (6,600 people) in November 2015 to flood-affected people in Hadramout.

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