East Coast Summer Cycle for Syria

Join us as we cycle the length of Ireland from Youghal to Cushendall our healthcare heroes in Syria.

The violence in Syria has had a crushing effect on the medical system there. It's effectively collapsed to the point that the average life-expectancy has dropped from 75 to 55 years of age.

This has happened to a country which until the outbreak of war used to have a medical system equivalent to our own. What would we do if suddenly there was only one doctor per ten thousand people? If there was only a handful of bomb-damaged hospitals to care for the entire country?

Thankfully, we are in a position to make a difference. Through our staff in Syria, we are able to:

We are very grateful to our staff in the region that maintain this invaluable lifeline of aid direct from Ireland to Syria. As a result, we're organising a charity cycle to raise funds and awareness of our medical work in Syria.

Dr Basel Al Khader Human Appeal in SyriaDr Basel Al Khader

Dr Basel is Human Appeal medical director with a particular focus on Syria. He left his practise in Birmingham, UK, to return to Syria at the outbreak of violence to contribute to the humanitarian effort in his home country full-time.

According to Dr Basel, doctors, nurses and paramedics of all specialities have been forced to flee the region both as a result of fears for their and their families’ safety, but also as most have not been paid for a considerable period. With families to support, their situation has become untenable leading them to join the 4,000 refugees per day that are leaving Syria. The consequence of this are the now shocking medical practitioners per thousand of the population ratios. Northern Syria, with a population of some 5 million people has only 140 general practice nurses (Ireland with a population of 4.5 million has approximately 120,000 nurses).

Dr Al Khader has led the positive interventions of Human Appeal in Northern Syria. establishing numerous emergency medical clinics as well as two new maternity and pediatric hospitals in Uman and Aleppo.

The Cycle will be led by Shahid Omar and Lúgh ó Braonáin

Lúgh ó Braonáin, Reyhanli, Turkey

Shahid Omar Participating in last year's cycle

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