Tragedy of Aleppo

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In besieged areas of Syria hundreds of thousands of people are facing possible death.

People in Aleppo, Ghouta and other areas are enduring terrifying conditions. The UN estimates that 400,000 people in Syria are currently living in  up to 15 besieged areas with restricted access to food and medical assistance. It reported that some people are being killed for attempting to escape these areas, and hospitals and clinics are being destroyed or severely damaged in the intensive fighting.

It’s absolutely essential that we continue our life-saving work and that we expand our projects to as many of Syria’s besieged areas as possible.

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Human Appeal is getting aid to those fleeing the fighting in Aleppo


Emergency Family Food Packs

Help provide 2,238 families in Eastern Ghouta, Qaboun, Yalda, Rhaybeh, Darya & Mouadameih with food packs

Each pack contains canned produce: including rice, sugar, bulghar, vermicelli, noodles, lentils, beans, oil, chickpeas, beans, tea, tomato paste, and sesame paste

Packs cost €90 each

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Providing Healthcare:

We have established medical clinics throughout Northern Syria. Hospitals in Idlib, Bab Al Hawwa, and Aleppo. two maternity units at Iman and in Aleppo which together cater for 45 patient beds.

These units, such as that shown in the incubator ward in Iman below, have been supplied with equipment collected in Ireland from our generous donor institutions.

A donation from you today will support the courageous healthcare workers in our Syrian clinics and hospitals

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