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Human Appeal is one of the very few Irish Charities Working Inside Syria

The people of the city of Aleppo are still facing frightening difficulties. Even though the fighting appears to be over, the young, the elderly and the frail are still in great danger from lack of healthcare, food and shelter. We must do more than watch, we have to support the relief effort now so that we can save lives.

The people of Aleppo are crying out that we don’t forget them at this dreadful time.

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Human Appeal is one of the few international organisations that is operating in rural Aleppo and specifically in Azaz, for the thousands of suffering residents of Aleppo city that have fled.

In the past few weeks, we have:

  • Set up a high quality emergency camp in Azaz Aleppo for 2,500 vulnerable people that fled Aleppo.
  • Distributed 4,000 hygiene packs and food parcels to 20,000 people in rural Aleppo.
  • Distributed flour/bread to 50,000 people on a daily basis across rural Aleppo.

At the moment Human Appeal is in a position to immediately deliver more aid to the suffering civilians that are fleeing Aleppo city:

  • Emergency Kits: 4 sponge mattresses, 4 blankets, 4 silicon pillows, 2 plastic sheets, 1 LED lights. Our teams are distributing to the new arrivals from both Iraq and Aleppo. This aid is vital for the tens of thousands that have fled and now face homelessness.
  • Cooked Meals: A mobile kitchen in Azaz (rural Aleppo), running 24 hrs a day producing 5,000 meals for 5,000 people.
  • Temporary Shelter: Up to 80,000 displaced civilians are fleeing to rural Aleppo and will have no shelter.
  • Winter kits: With harsh weather setting in, the families of Aleppo desperately need winter kits to protect themselves from life-threatening hypothermia: especially the young and infirm.