Winter Aid Distribution Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

We’re delighted to be able to say that the clothes and medical aid materials that were donated to the ‘Together for a Warm Winter’ clothes collection campaign for Syrian refugees in the Lebanon have safely reached their destination and have been distributed.

A spokesperson from the distribution team expressed his warm appreciation to the donors:

‘Thanks and best wishes to all in Human Appeal who assisted us in organising the convoy of donations and supported the ‘Together for a Warm Winter’ project:  giving a helping hand to bring happiness and warmth to every heart that has been broken by the cold winter and deprivation’

The generous donations from Ireland which were made by both individuals and concerned organisations (such as The Order of Malta and JBS) filled two 6m shipping containers which recently arrived in the port of Beirut. The clothes were then unloaded and sent on to a range of refugee camps in Lebanon (see map) where they were given to those who have fled the conflict in Syria to the Lebanon.

Click on the map for more information

There are currently more than three million Syrians who have fled to neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. There are a further 7.6 million people who have been displaced inside Syria. In all there are over 12 million Syrians who are in need of humanitarian assistance because of the conflict.

Human Appeal strives, with its donors’ help, to bring relief to those suffering from the crisis, through aid convoys, distributions of flour, bread and food parcels and winter packs to as many expatriated refugees and internally displaced as possible.

A container of medical aid which has been donated over the past months is set to leave for Syria later this week. You can follow its progress here.