5th Human Appeal Container Shipped to Syrian Refugees

Continuing our giving of direct assistance from Ireland to Syrian Refugees, Human Appeal volunteers and staff are packing the final items to be shipped today to the Lebanon/Syria border.


In partnership with JBS Group and The Order of Malta, and with the continuing support of the Irish public, we are able to send vital supplies to those refugees stranded without shelter or basic supports.  JBS has given us a large quantity of brand new winter clothing and the Order of Malta has given us essential medical supplies. These compliment the very generous donations of the Irish public of clothing and other essential items.


We will be distributing this aid through our Human Appeal ground staff and volunteers in Lebanon  directly to those families that are in greatest need in the coming weeks.


Human Appeal is also collecting supplies for another container-load to be shipped in the New Year. This shipment will go to a hospital inside Syria which is partnered by Human Appeal Ireland. We will be shipping, beds, rehabilitation equipment and Emergency Room supplies. If you have contacts in the healthcare sector in Ireland and can provide some additional healthcare related material, we would be very grateful for your assistance.


We are also looking for donations to our Syria Winter Appeal which we will ensure will go directly to those in need.

Please use the form to the right to donate.